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Behavior Modification


Because behavior is an ongoing process for your patients, Dr. Meredith Stepita will recommend a treatment plan that consists of multiple appointments over a coarse of time to continue to address the behavior problem as well as to add to and modify the behavior modification plan.
Once your client makes an appointment with Dr. Stepita, they will be asked to fill out an extensive background history and questionaire on their pet prior to their first appointment with Dr. Stepita; we ask that this is filled out prior to the first appointment because then it allows the client and Dr. Stepita to use their time together in a more clinical way instead of paperwork. You can find the forms here.

Behavior problems treated include:
  • Aggression

  • Separation anxiety

  • Destructive and escape behavior

  • Noise phobias

  • Fear of the veterinary hospital, car rides, nail trimming, children and people

  • Unruly behavior (pulling on leash, play mouthing, jumping on people)

  • Acral lick dermatitis

  • House soiling, spraying

  • Excessive vocalization

  • Compulsive disorders

  • Senior pet behavior problems (including cognitive dysfunction [senility])
          . . . and more

    Dr. Stepita’s passion for behavior is due to the very special bond shared between human and pet. As a pet owner herself, she knows how important a pet is to a client. She chose to become a board certified veterinary behaviorist after learning how many pets are unfortunately given away, rehomed or euthanized due to behavior issues. Dr. Stepita wants to change the statistics and help keep your client and patient in harmony.

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